2 High 2 Sing High

by Bilby

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Release December 1st 2015 by Lesstalk Records LT066

Recorded throughout 2015
All songs written, performed and recorded by Harry Moxham
Cover Design + Cassette Design by me as well
Cover Photo by Aidan Masters
Please inquire: bilbyinfo@gmail.com


released December 1, 2015

Bilby is a bedroom musician from the Northern beaches of Sydney, Australia. More Guwop than Kinsella, 2H2SH is the product of a year spent with weed, wine, a mic and the mind.



all rights reserved


Bilby NSW, Australia

Bilby aka Blinky Trill
emo rap prince since 2013

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time to phone it in
pickin’ up a 50, in a night i’ll finish it
tryna feel the love but they hate the little kid
they tryna clear the fog but we keep it hella lit
with the ruby doobie in the 97’ whip
i’m feeling shit, thinkin bout how everyone so inconsiderate
perpetually unfit, i need a smoke, i need a sit

purple sunsets, me and you
cigarettes, beautiful view
do it again super soon
maybe next week, somewhere new
just wanna feel in the loop
maybe meet somebody new
who are you? how do you do?
please come back, i’m so alone

hell, your boy back with some L’s
piggys ask, we never tell
got some merch im tryna sell
but no one feel it, oh well
i see you baby, come to me
drinkin’ Hendricks by the beach
thank god there be sun out
view make me thank go there be sun out
Track Name: Champion Ruby
Champion Ruby

Bilby pullin fire, very heavy, very higher
little secret, let me put it in your cup
does anyone here even give a fuck? (nup)
what? (nup!)
so come along and come and say ‘wassup?’

we are not that different me and you
makin’ jokes, pretending we are cool
blow our paycheck on some weed and booze
we like beer and smoke Champion Rubs’

runnin through the six with my smokes
and i got a girl and my girl got good jokes
and we take the good stuff to the throat
i was thinkin’ that maybe you should know

we are not that different me and you
makin’ jokes, pretending we are cool
blow our paycheck on some weed and booze
we like beer and smoke Champion Rubs’
Track Name: Lil' Yowie (G.B.R.)
Lil’ Yowie (GBR)

ashrtay is full on the shelf, shit
finish an 1/8th before twelve-sih
i wouldn’t say that i’m selfish
but i need to spend money to sell this
red headed chick like i’m celtic
VIP through gates of hell
which angle are you tryna sell kid?
one that makes me money, guess i’m selfish

great barrier reffer, need her
keep ya happy, keep it near ya
great barrier reefer

now bilby can’t handle his liquid
but he’s smokin up like a big kid
bubbles and weed while i’m fishing
sticky floors and sticky women
sticky fingers from the spinnin’
screamin ‘fuck twelve!’

real is how im livin’
six figures what i’m wishin’
embargo all your disin’
people hatin’ i’m just livin’
in the great barrier reefer
Track Name: Bilby Big Time
Bilby Big Time

fiddlin’ with my Fender in the crib
tryna’ find a lighter so i can relight my spliff
they say i got a lot of talent for a little kid
wanna make a banger, kinda wanna make it big

but i’m way 2 high 2 sing high
kind of funny when you think about it
yeah i’m way 2 high 2 sing high
kinda ironic if you think about it

and i’m thinkin
where am i tryna’ go with this?
sold out venues, singin’ tits
tourin countries all that ish
think it through after this spliff

they say i need direction and financial plans
but all i really want is a verse from gucci mane

catch me out in pubs opening for shitty Sydney bands
catch me all online, never replying to online events
paycheck go to green,
probably should be home recording man
Track Name: Weed & 'Oh Well's
Weed and ‘Oh Well’s

she asked me ‘how you feel?’ and i said ‘mighty fine’
maybe i might find us a mighty wine
cuz i believe that time spent with wine leads to deeper feelings
and i’m tryna find whats inside for that realer meaning
i often fall for lies, and she had red eyes
we talk with something to smoke to get us immobilized
so we can’t walk away from conversations that we made this way

we withered away
i’d been away with ideas all day
you’d never tell
weed and ‘oh well’s

so some believe in gods, some believe in lies
some believe scientists with ideas that quantamize
i believe in sound, all around and being nice to people
sounds always around, heart bound, just be nice to people
while i theorize, extra fries on the side
Blinky Trill be skinny but i’m always fuckin high
sittin’ on a stone, in the sun cuz i know the heat will
rain down on my back, just relax, just be nice to people
Track Name: Bilby PSA
Bilby PSA

if you love someone take care of them
if you hate someone then let them be
if you feel overstimulated
sit down with me and we’ll roll some weed
remove yourself from your center of though
no, the world does not revolve around you
consider others might need your support
no, the world does not revolve around you

i’m a big fan of me man, big spliffs and big hits
this is emo-trap, at least now you know
all i wanna do is decipher a flow
lookin’ like the white Peewee Longway with the dro
back back back
move back girl, man move back
a little insecure in the booth, i know
a little insecure in the studio
fuck all that
move back girl, man move back
a little bit of bilby on your radio
a little bit of bilby everywhere you go

for one night, think i might
show you a little secret
do you know what its like
to live life just like we do?
but if i tell this secret motherfuckers better keep it

do you want something to smoke?
do you wanna fuck on the low?
do you dip? do you drink? no?
its Bilby baby let em’ know!

swag swag swag like it’s 2011
drunk in church, amaretto and repentin’
drunk i swerve, now ammaretto up in heaven
had to google Panamera 911

now i go armadillo hard
wrong name on the eftpos card,
full tank in the rental car
my lungs full of that lovely tar
monumental mental scars

i’ll never tell this secret, cunts forever creepin’
but i hope you feel well man, its been long as hell, fam
lets smoke through this hell man, you know what i need
now i’m 22, grab the crew, mix the juice with weed
raise the levels and the lights til i cant hear or see
recognize the smell? yeah we careful, you can tell
and she been gettin’ wet but i swim through the swell
this that down under thunder

Blinky kill the scum, hit the blunt, now he feelin free
Blinky kill the scum, hit the blunt, bring out the love it me
sock em’ if they tell man, pockets full of hell, dam
i’m feelin kinda tipsy baby girl, so come and kiss me
yea we cute and the arguments minute
and the garments all high Q
and the barmans eyein’ you
but i’m all she tryna view

this is a verse from Blinky Trill
the Ford is four deep yeah we out to thrill
pay this shit end up payin my bills
they say i’m hot stuff baby, dont you know?
300 bucks, how far can that go?
and ounce of green or a gram of snow
give me that green, i’d like to feel mellow